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The Hooded Deer

The Hooded Deer was my first experiment with making engagement art. It started out of necessity. Starkville, Mississippi hardly has an elaborate music scene or a night life. I wanted something to do for fun, and I wanted to meet people with similar interests.

What started as a DIY house party quickly exploded into a collaborative production with a huge stage and professional lighting and sound. It was an over-stimulating, excessively visual bombardment of positive energy and healthy dancing. It was always about sharing music, having a positive attitude, and creating the opportunity for people to have a good time, frat bros and art students alike.

In the earliest stages the ‘Hooded Deer’ experience was more like art than anything I’ve ever done because it didn’t know it was art. The people that experienced it, that’s who ‘The Hooded Deer’ is. It’s not just me. I might’ve been this instigator and this driving force of making it happen, but it was about the people. And there have been people that have carried on that kind of energy in Mississippi.

Lighting, Sound, Professional stuff: GTR Productions
Art direction, production, vibe collector, and hype man: Will Bryant
Photos: Andrew Le, Brittany Forks, Jamen Burke, & many more Mississippi friends

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